Traumatologist Datsenko Alexander

1999 year graduated from NMU. A. A. Bogomolets in Kiev. Interned in the Clinic of Dr. Linko, Kyiv city hospital of emergency medical care in scientific research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics of Kyiv. In parallel with clinical activity, with 2001 2005 year he served as doctor of the National team of Ukraine on football.

2000has been working at Kyiv city clinical hospital №7 under the direction Linko Yaroslav.Kyiv city center for minimally invasive traumatology and orthopedics, Kyiv city clinical hospital No. 7, Clinic molting. Kyiv St. Michael Nyquist 95

2004 is a member of ESSKA (European society of sports injury arthroscopy and knee), and a member of WASTE (Ukrainian Association of sports traumatology and arthroscopy). Trained in leading clinics of Europe.

Location: Kiev city center for minimally invasive traumatology and orthopedics. Kiev, Kotelnikova str. 95.

Specialization: consultations, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Urgent and planned trauma care: the treatment of fractures of the extremities (fractures of the Shin bones, foot fractures,hip fractures,clavicle fractures, fractures of the shoulder, upper arm, bones of the hand).

Sports injury: treatment of injuries (ruptures) of ligaments — the anterior and the posterior cruciate ligament, treatment of injuries of the menisci, tears of his own patellar tendon, the ligament, Achilles tendon, treatment of dislocation of the shoulder using arthroscopy and platelet derived growth factors PDGF.

Orthopedic care:

Clinic No. 10: Separation of traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system and problems of osteosynthesis

The clinic employs one doctor and three candidates of medical Sciences.

The Leading objective of the Department is to develop and implement innovative technologies for treatment of bone fractures, intra-articular injuries of the bones and cartilage disorders of reparative osteogenesis with the use of the most modern means of bone fixation and growth factors connective tissue.

The Department operates the national centre of traumatology. The Department conducts quality analysis of treatment with bone fractures and polytrauma, providing expert assessment of the quality metaloxa, organizes training of doctors.

Specialists of the Department represented in the governing bodies of the European Association of traumatology and osteosynthesis (ETE), the Ukrainian Association of traumatology and osteosynthesis, participated in the work of the Central attestation Commission of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.